6th Anniversary Post – Climbing on Course!

On this day in 2013 the first post on this blog, which has become ReviewBeforeFlight, was made… It was a simple “launch post” but that’s led to more than 230 posts on a variety of aviation related, thought-provoking topics! It’s … Continue reading


The Pickup Preflight

Pickup lines don’t usually work out too well, unless they’re extremely clever and delivered “on point”. The “pickup preflight” works in much the same way. Every now and then a flight doesn’t really start when we board the aircraft. As … Continue reading

That’s 3 Years in the Logbook for ReviewBeforeFlight

On this day in 2013 I launched an aviation blog that would go on to become ReviewBeforeFlight! It’s amazing to think that we’ve hit 3 years of providing thought-provoking, positive-toned aviation content for our well-informed, intelligent aviator and aviation enthusiast … Continue reading