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EAA Visits America’s Seaplane City – April 2017: This video was recorded at SEAPLANE-A-PALOOZA 2017, the first weekend-long pre-Sun ‘n Fun seaplane celebration! The staff from EAA visited Tavares other way to Sun ‘n Fun to capture this one-of-a-kind event and see how Tavares, Florida embraced aviation and leveraged aviation to drive the local economy of the City!

NORAD Tracking Santa Regional Airport – Special Edition (12/23/14): After leaving the Mansfield Airport and moving on to be the Assistant Airport Manager at the New Bedford Regional Airport, I had the opportunity to work with the New Bedford Cable Network for a special show!

Using the FX8 – April 2010: This video is from my time at SOLIDFX and was my first video editing/ production effort (forgive the simplicity). I created this “How to use” video for the FX8 unit and the FXVIEW program to illustrate the functionality and simplicity.

Aviation Adventures ARCHIVE

During 2013 & 2014 I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to host a local television show all about aviation. The station manager for the Mansfield, MA cable access channel visited the airport one day and wanted to gage the interest in a possible show about aviation, something that would be different from the line up of shows the channel offered at the time. Over 2013 and 2014 we filmed a variety of episodes that aired many times over the years aimed to develop interest amongst the Mansfield, MA community in their local airport and flying.

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The set of Aviation Adventures!

The YouTube channel description: Aviation Adventures” is hosted by FAA certified flight instructor and MassDOT certified assistant airport manager Matt Elia. Produced at Mansfield Cable Access, the show is designed to be an introduction to learning to fly, airport operations and the benefits of general aviation! The show is recorded bi-weekly (or so…) and aired on Mansfield Cable Access TV in Mansfield, MA as well as posted on YouTube.

Episode 1: Learning to Fly

Published on YouTube: 2/21/13

For the first episode, host Matt Elia is joined by flight instructors Jim Quinn & Adam Scott to discuss the exciting and challenging adventures involved with learning to fly. The three flight instructors also talk about their flying experiences and the benefits that come with earning a pilot’s license.

Episode 2: Life with a Pilot’s License

Published on YouTube: 2/26/13

For this episode Matt is joined by fellow flight instructor Jim Quinn (again) as well as one of Matt’s former students, Peter Ofner. Peter earned his pilot’s license in 2011 and just recently purchased a share of an aircraft. The three gentlemen discuss life after having a pilot’s license, who their first passengers were and what their most memorable trips have been!

Episode 3: Airline Travel from the Cockpit

Published on YouTube: 3/6/13

Compass Airlines pilot Brett Boothman joins host Matt Elia to discuss airline travel from a different perspective. Brett and Matt discuss how to become an airline pilot as well as some of Brett’s firsthand experiences, from flying small twin propeller aircraft to now flying 76-seat jets!

Episode 4: Sky Writing & Part 2 – Sky Writing Conclusion

Published on YouTube: 3/20/13

Author & Aviation Professor Michael Sloan joins host Matthew Elia for this episode of Aviation Adventures. Professor Sloan from Bridgewater State University recently had his second book, “Cone of Silence” published. Michael discusses how aviation has opened up so many opportunities for him including jobs, the insight to write this book and even the venue for dates!

Episode 5: The First Flight Experience

Published on YouTube: 6/6/13

Katherine Amara, a 22 year old college student had never flown an airplane before I asked her to join me for a “First Flight Experience.” We spoke briefly about her expectations, then we went flying for about an hour, and came back to talk about it afterwards. Watch the newest episode of “Aviation Adventures” to see what this first time flyer thought about taking the controls of a Cessna 172 and conquering the sky!

Episode 6: Balloon Flying & MassDOT – 2013 1B9 Airport Fly-In

Published on YouTube: 10/12/13

ReMax balloon pilot Chris Mooney and MassDOT Airport Planner Steve Rawding (also a pilot) joined host Matthew Elia for this exciting episode of Aviation Adventures, filmed at the Mansfield Municipal Airport during the 2013 Fly-In/Touch-A-Truck event!

Chris Mooney, Remax Balloon Pilot & host Matt discussed balloon flying and the efforts of ReMax in the local community to advance education!

Steve Rawding, Airport Planner/Education Outreach from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) gave a great overview of what the Aeronautics Division of MassDOT does in the community and the outstanding support they provide for the public use airports in Massachusetts!

Episode 7: AOPA goes Above & Beyond for All!

Published on YouTube: 1/31/14

Sean Collins the Eastern Regional Manager of the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA) joined host Matt Elia for a very insightful interview! Get to know Sean and learn a little bit more about what AOPA is actively doing to help everyone involved with aviation and how their efforts even impact (positively) the general non-flying public!

Sean gave great insight into the outreach AOPA does on behalf of their membership as well as highlighting the regional AOPA fly-in events coming up this year, specifically the July 12th event that will be held at the Plymouth, MA airport!

If you are interested in learning more about Sean Collins, Eastern Regional Manager at AOPA, be sure to check out the info-packed Q&A Sean took part in HERE.

Episode 8: Opportunities in Aviation

Published on YouTube: 6/4/14

Mike & Tara are great examples for aviation enthusiasts around the world. A vast array of opportunities exist in aviation for participants of all ages, some of which haven’t even been thought of yet! Hear about how Mike & Tara give back to the community through aviation and how they developed their own aviation themed business! I’m sure the tale of their “pet project” will inspire you to look for ways to become more involved in aviation too!

If you want to learn more about Mike & Tara and/or Pups With Altitude, check out the “Opportunities” post on Review Before Flight HERE.

Episode 9: Inside the Airport Fence

Published on YouTube: 6/4/14

In the final episode of Aviation Adventures, Matt takes us inside the fence, onto the ramp at the Mansfield Municipal Airport (1B9). During the episode, Matt discusses what the pilots at the Mansfield Airport do to minimize their impact on the surrounding community. Additionally, Matt introduced the audience to some of the key difference between cars and airplanes and covers why flying is so SAFE! Check out the final (scheduled) episode of Aviation Adventures. Note: There are a few seconds of mic scratchiness due to a breeze at the airport on the day the episode was recorded, it passes quickly.