New Look, Same Great Content!


Just a few days ago, on December 30th, ReviewBeforeFlight turned 3 years old! It’s been an amazing ride since starting ReviewBeforeFlight in late 2013… I’ve moved twice and now have the best job in the world!

All the while I’ve strived to use this space to provide thought-provoking aviation-themed, mostly positive content for pilots, aviators and aviation enthusiasts alike. We’ve had some slow months were the content didn’t come as frequently, but I believe in delivering good content, not just content for the sake of content. This is a principle I intend to stick with as we move forward, but I believe you’ll notice an uptick in content here on ReviewBeforeFlight during 2017.

Today I’m excited to share our new and improved ReviewBeforeFlight logo! Paying homage to the original look, we kept the red and white color scheme, representative of the “Remove Before Flight” items that inspired the website name.

The color is Boston University red, as a Massachusetts native, I like that… The original logo had an airplane, which was a nod to the former KING Aviation-Mansfield where I grew up in aviation from teenager student pilot to lead flight instructor and assistant airport manager. The airplane remained, but was sharpened and improved. The last portion is the addition of the check mark, symbolic of a pilot’s checklist, representative of the “review” in ReviewBeforeFlight.


I’m very happy with the logo, and a big thanks goes to my beautiful girlfriend Emily who created the logo. My only request was that the colors stayed (she isn’t a huge fan of the Indiana University colors, since she’s a Boilermaker to her core) and that the logo be “aviation-ee”. She wasn’t thrilled with my lack of direction for the project but she took it and came up with three or four potential logos, all of which were excellent and I’d have been happy to use. Thought I think we got the very best one! Thank you Emily, I love you!

A logo is much more than a simple image or piece of clip art, as you can see there is so much behind our new look, and we’re proud of it!

Stay tuned for more content with our cool, new look! Plus another fun announcement coming soon!

-Fly Safe, @MTElia1B9


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