That’s 3 Years in the Logbook for ReviewBeforeFlight

On this day in 2013 I launched an aviation blog that would go on to become ReviewBeforeFlight! It’s amazing to think that we’ve hit 3 years of providing thought-provoking, positive-toned aviation content for our well-informed, intelligent aviator and aviation enthusiast readers.We’ve had a blast over the past 3 years and I’m looking forward to many more years in the logbook as ReviewBeforeFlight continues to strive to help motivate the aviation community!


As we prepare to move into 2017, I’m very happy to say that we have a ‘cool’ announcement coming early in 2017. While we won’t be adding multiple new writers as we’ve done once before, I like teasing a surprise to end the year, so stay tuned for something pretty neat…

But, before we get to 2017 and the exciting announcement coming in January, let’s take a look at the past year here at ReviewBeforeFlight:

  • The regularity of the posts might have changed, but our mission to provide well-informed thought-provoking content continued to take precedents over just “throwing something up there”…
  • We welcomed our first Art Director in 2016 when Emily came into my life as my girlfriend, she might have something to do with the cool news (about this website) coming early next month…
  • During 2016 I became the “Voice of Tavares” as my SEAPLANE-A-PALOOZA commentary and sound effects caught on and “calling” the fly-ins and city parades came naturally and have been a whole lot of fun!
  • The annual Christmas Eve post, my favorite one to do each year, was read on six contenients, by readers in 22 countries, on December 24th!

During 2016 we’ve seen a record number of visitors to ReviewBeforeFlight as about 18,000 page views were racked up during the year! Not just the number of views but also where they have been coming from is the cool part, during our third year we have continued our global reach, with visitors from 142 countries round the globe. This world-wide reach¬†continues to be the really cool part of writing this blog!


The global reach in a visual form, obviously the majority of our visitors come from the United States, but the reach extends globally too!

While I didn’t take as many pictures this year, here are a few of my favorites:

Happy 3rd birthday ReviewBeforeFlight!

-Fly Safe, @MTElia1B9



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