Region VII 2019 @ EWB


The updates for the 2019 NIFA Region VII SAFECON have begun! Each update starts with the date it was shared, with the most recent content being at the top of this page. As we get into the SAFECON event, times will also be added for clarity, this page will serve as a general record of events/updates.

10/28/19 1600 – The results are final! Congratulations to the 2019 NIFA Region VII Champion – Delaware State University flight team. Another congratulations to the 2019 NIFA Region VII Top Pilot, Matthew Elkins from Bridgewater State University. Matt is the first Top Pilot from BSU ever! Great work to all NIFA Region VII competitors!

OFFICIAL RESULTS: 2019 NIFA Region VII Official Results

10/28/19 0030 – ATTENTION TEAMS, due to the weather forecast we have decided to push the start time for Monday back to 10:00am.

10/27/19 1515 – The preflight aircraft is available for public viewing in the other Sandpiper hangar until 345pm.

Images from today:

10/26/19 1830 – Please see the following schedule for our “Rain Day” ground events extravaganza tomorrow:

10/26/19 1800 – Some pictures from “The Line”… Special thanks to Mike Crane, New Bedford Regional Airport Assistant Manager for many of the pictures!

10/26/19 1000 – Short field landings, heat 1 has started up!

10/25/19 2000 – The heat sheet for the landing events is now available:

10/25/19 1630 – While the Aircraft Recognition and SCAN events are happening at the BSU Aviation Training Center a small group of judges is out putting the stripes down on Runway 32 in preparation for the landing events tomorrow!

10/25/19 1450 – ATTENTION – The heat sheet for the landing tomorrow has been finalized:


USMA fueling up after NAV with a BSU 172 returning from their Nav run!



19R7 Schedule – Rev D – 102519

A special thank you to ASA for sponsoring the Navigation event fuel!


10/25/19 0915 – The Navigation “Heat Sheet” is as follows:


10/25/19 0900 – Great work to the teams for their success in the “Rules Quiz” this morning. Based on the results, USMA and DSU will have 2 first-positions in the landing event heats tomorrow! Teams please email Matt with their pilots/aircraft for landing events!

The Navigation event Briefing is now underway.

10/25/19 0130 – Participants please see our revised schedule, revision “C” which is now current. Take note that the Aircraft Recognition Event will be held this (Friday) evening.

19R7 Schedule – Rev C – 102519

10/24/19 2330 – Participants please see the points for the NAVIGATION event scheduled for tomorrow (Friday). Remember, the format will be “Unlimited”, please be familiar with the event rules.


10/24/19 1900 – The General Contestant Briefing is underway!


10/24/19 – Registration has started in the tan Sandpiper hangar! “Props” to BSU to bring on time for the start of registration!

Delaware State University has arrived at EWB!


10/19/19 – Late this week we learned that unfortunately the SUNY SCCC team will not be able to join us for regionals this year. As a result we are down to three teams. In light of this development the regional judging corps has been evaluating various schedule options.We have also been monitoring the weather, and with a few days to go it is likely to change but as of now the forecast includes some potential rain impacts. For now we are going to stick with the most recent schedule (Revision B). However we want teams to be prepared in the case that we can add contestants to the non-exam ground events. Depending on the weather we may add participant slots for preflight and/or the simulator. As always, we will see how it goes and adjust as needed. So please be prepared in the case that we are able to add slots to the events. Additionally, for planning purposes we are planning for heats of three aircraft in the landings and message drop events. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, travel safe!

10/16/19 – Based on feedback from each of the participating Region VII teams the Navigation event will be conducted in the “Unlimited” fashion. This is the same way we ran the event last year in Region VII. Remember participants must be able to prove the currency of any digital data used for aircraft navigation and flight planning. Please refer to the NIFA SAFECON Rules for details on Unlimited Navigation.

10/14/19 – This afternoon team advisors/coaches received a number of reference documents for the upcoming SAFECON. These are also available here, with contact information redacted. For contact information for the lead judges or host school contact contestants should coordinate with their coaches/advisors. Documents circulated today:

R7_ADMIN_2019 Pre Arrival Briefing RBF – The General Arrival & Safety Briefing provide the baseline guidance for all individuals attending the SAFECON, this includes coaches, advisors, supporters and contestants.

19R7 Schedule – Rev B – 091719 – The schedule remains unchanged from the last version shared here on ReviewBeforeFlight, and was included in the email that went out to all teams today.

19R7 Comm Procedures KEWB – Rev 4 091019 – This document provides guidance on communications with the EWB ATCT during the SAFECON.

R7 2019 Competition Safety Award Rev4 – This document provides guidance on how the safety award will be administered.

10/12/19 – We’re less than two weeks away from the start of the 2019 NIFA Region VII SAFECON! Team advisors/coaches and captains should expect to receive the General Arrival / Safety Briefing soon! The SAFECON schedule shared previously, “Revision B” remains current.

9/19/19 – The preflight aircraft for this year will be a Piper Arrow, PA-28R-200. Preflight event competitors should be familiar with complex aircraft consideration before this event. The aircraft used for the competition will be displayed for participants’ viewing on Friday morning prior to being “bugged” for the preflight event.

preflight aircraft

Piper Arrow PA-28R-200

9/17/19 – As of now the most current version of the event schedule is Revision B. This is subject to change based on various factors, but for planning purposes this is the most current information. Any schedule changes prior to the SAFECON will be shared here. Any changes from the time of the General Contestant Briefing on Thursday, October 24th through the competition will be announced during a briefing and shared here and on the Region VII Twitter account.

Current schedule as of 9/17/19: 19R7 Schedule – Rev B – 091719.

9/16/19 – The preflight event aircraft will (most likely) be a Cessna 172R model. So get out those checklists and operations handbooks and start studying!

Initial Post: More event information coming soon! The tentative plan is for the General Contestant Briefing to be held late in the day on Thursday, October 24th, with the events taking place Friday – Monday morning with an awards banquet in the later afternoon, early evening of Monday, October 28th. Check back regularly for updated information!


Rwy 5 Runway 5
Rwy 14 Runway 14
Rwy 23 Runway 23
Rwy 32 Runway 32

Note: These are the traffic pattern limits, the normal traffic pattern should fall WELL within these limits…