Region VII 2016 @ SCH

As we approach the 2016 NIFA Region VII SAFECON, check back often for updates & news.


Host School: Schenectady County Community College

Host Airport: Schenectady County Airport (SCH)

Event Dates: Thursday, October 13th – Monday October 17th

2016 NIFA Region VII SAFECON Official Results


Pictures from the past few days:

Schedule as of the General Contestant Briefing is available HERE.

The General Contestant Briefing is underway!



10/13/16 – NEW Facebook Event Page, CHECK IT OUT!

Check out the Facebook event page for the 2016 NIFA Region VII SAFFCON at: Make sure you toggle to “Discussion” on the event page to see updates from Region VII and all the great content from your fellow participants! We look forward to seeing your best stuff!

10/10/16 – Multiple items today:

  1. Advisors, please check your email regarding a couple of administrative items.
  2. In an effort to provide some clarity before the event, this year we will be providing the NAV waypoints in the format of a sectional excerpt with arrows pointing out the waypoints, which will be numbered in the order they are to be flown. We’ve used this format in years past; it is not necessarily an indication of how they will run the event at Nationals. We feel that it attempts to make the event a little less about data entry and a little more about pilotage. Please realize for scoring that we will be entering a lat/long into the computer to measure against.
  3. The Competitor Certification form that we’ve used for the past few years here in Region VII can be accessed HERE. It’s used to ensure that students are eligible to compete, that they are familiar with the rules and penalties of NIFA and that they understand that they have adequate proficiency to compete. The goal, again, is to make sure that the desire to compete doesn’t outweigh the need to be safe and proficient. As we mentioned in the General Arrival and Safety Briefing (emailed to advisors), if schools have the required documentation (certificates, logbook entries and competitor certifications) ready prior to arrival in SCH, you can email it to Sean Breen so that we can complete the review ahead of time. Otherwise, we will complete it Thursday night at SCCC.
  4. The General Arrival/Safety Briefing (GASB) was distributed via email to team advisors (advisors please circulate to each team member), a copy for reference can also be found HERE. The GASB is designed as a primer to prepare advisors/competitors or the Region VII SAFFRON, event participants of all roles should become familiar with the contents – it’ll make your life easier…

10/9/16 – Advisors, we need you to enter some team info to ensure we are ready to go:

  1. Please log into your accounts
  2. Go to:
  3. At the bottom of the right-hand column, you should see a yellow button for “Enter Navigation Aircraft Information”.  Please follow that link and enter the information for your aircraft.

10/6/16 -A couple of update items for teams:

  1. All teams need to make sure they’ve paid their annual NIFA memberships and that all contestants have purchased their individual memberships. Contestants will not show up in the scoring system without a membership.
  2. The Region VII SAFECON commences Thursday, October 13. Registration will take place from 1800-1930 in Stockade Room 101 on the campus of Schenectady County Community College (SCCC). The Welcome/General Contestant Briefing will follow from 1930-2100.
  3. Pre-Arrival Briefings will be sent out to the teams shortly.

9/19/16 – A brief update:

The event schedule is “under construction” with a variety of variables in play. At a minimum the event will kick-off on Thursday, October 13th with the General Contestant Briefing later in the day, giving teams the opportunity to travel on Thursday. More details will be posted as soon as they become available.


Remember, these are not depictions of the traffic patterns to be flown, these are the boundaries that should contain a normal traffic pattern.


Runway 4, left traffic.


Runway 10, left traffic.


Runway 22, left traffic.


Runway 28, left traffic.