Region VII 2022 @ EWB

The updates for the 2022 NIFA Region VII SAFECON have begun! Each update starts with the date it was shared, with the most recent content being at the top of this page. As we get into the SAFECON event, times will also be added for clarity, this page will serve as a general record of events/updates.

11/13/22 – The 2022 NIFA Region VII SAFECON has concluded. Congratulations to all of the participants who did such a great job. It’s great to be back to live competitions in the northeast!

NIFA Region VII Chief Judge Matt Elia presents the 2022 Top Pilot award to Hannah Lamb of USMA.

Hannah Lamb of the United States Military Academy was our 2022 Region VII Top Pilot!

NIFA Region VII Chief Judge Matt Elia presents the 2022 SAFECON Championship award to BSU Flight Team Captain, Catherine Cummings.

The Bridgewater State University flight team, for the second consecutive year, is our Region VII champions – congratulations Bears!

Full results:

11/12/22 1125 – The preflight event has been completed – great work. Teams have also finished ground trainer practice. Due to a NIFA support glitch we will be altering the schedule and substituting the manual flight computer (e6b) exam for the aircraft recognition test at 1300 at the BSU Flight Center. We will plan to run the aircraft recognition event in place of e6b test on the existing schedule if the NIFA issue has been resolved. Please adjust accordingly.

11/11/22 2200 – Don’t forget the briefing for tomorrow (Saturday, November 12th) will be at 0800 in the Sandpiper Hangar. Here is our schedule as of now:

11/11/22 2130 – Great work today everyone! We were able to take advantage of the weather and get the power on & off landing events plus the message drop event completed! The score are in, but we can’t share them yet! Sorry… 🙂 But how about a few pictures?

11/5/22 – The preflight aircraft for the SAFECON will be a Cessna C-172R. So get those operating handbooks and checklists out and start studying!

Initial Post: More event information coming soon! The tentative plan is for the General Contestant Briefing to be held early in the day on Friday, November 11th, with the events taking place Friday – Sunday morning with an awards gathering in the hangar in the late afternoon, on Sunday, November 13th. Check back regularly for updated information!

Landing Pattern Limits: Note that these are the boundary limits, a normal traffic pattern should be well within this boundary.

Rwy 5
Rwy 14
Rwy 23
Rwy 32