Advanced Aeronautical Charting: The Airport Icon

A quick glance at a sectional chart will show a plethora of information for pilots. One of the key items on all aeronautical charts is the airports… Most pilots know that airports with long runways are shown with a box-shaped … Continue reading

Chart Changes

Some time ago I posted an installment of “The Art of the (Aeronautical) Chart…” series titled, “What you see versus reality!” One of the topics discussed within this multi-point post was the symbol for a closed airport appearing on an … Continue reading


The Art of the (Aeronautical) Chart… What you see versus reality!

Let me start this installment with a statement, which may on its surface seem like “fighting words”… Knowing the meaning of each and every symbol on aeronautical charts doesn’t make you a good pilot, or even a smart pilot… Now … Continue reading