All Aviation, All Week, All Fun!

  When you work in aviation, sometimes you can get lost in it… Then there are the other times when you break from your day-to-day routine and have one of those really cool, very rare experiences, where everything happens so … Continue reading

Airport Edge Lighting Explored…

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to airfield edge lighting… There are a variety of edge lights around airports, most are common and easy to understand, but a lot of times this is something pilots memorize … Continue reading

Owning an Airplane During the Winter

One of the decisions every plane owner has to make is whether to tie down the plane outside or rent a hanger. The most compelling factor is typically the price difference. I know when I first got Pippa, back in … Continue reading

3 Things Every Pilot Needs to Know About… Airport Fences: Good or Bad, A Barrier

Fences surround airports; maybe you’ve noticed this trend over the past 10, 15, maybe even 20 years. As we as a population become more aware of security and potential threats, physical barriers are added to life in the name of … Continue reading

Walking the Airfield, G550 Takeoff!

Being a member of the airport administration means that your day-to-day work is extremely varied, which is one of the great things about my day job as the assistant airport manager at New Bedford Regional Airport. On any given day … Continue reading