Owning an Airplane During the Winter

One of the decisions every plane owner has to make is whether to tie down the plane outside or rent a hanger. The most compelling factor is typically the price difference. I know when I first got Pippa, back in … Continue reading

Trouble Starting & Aero-Hitch Hiking!

Let me start this off by saying, owning a plane is great! Like a pet, it is always at the ready to take a trip, have an adventure or just get some attention with a quick wash. It helps make … Continue reading

The Myths of Buying & Owning an Aircraft

This new ReviewBeforeFlight blog will provide one pilot/owner’s view on plane ownership. As way of introduction, my name is Tom Nery also known as the PilotGeek and I’m a 1300 hour pilot with single engine land and an IFR rating. What … Continue reading