Walking the Airfield, G550 Takeoff!

Being a member of the airport administration means that your day-to-day work is extremely varied, which is one of the great things about my day job as the assistant airport manager at New Bedford Regional Airport.

On any given day I spend time in the office, a conference room, a front-end loader and/or on-foot around the airfield, and that’s just to name a few of the things we do… This past week, I was escorting a team made up of engineer and environmental consultants as we visually surveyed Taxiway Alpha at EWB which is due for reconstruction in the near future. This walk through was just one small piece in the much bigger process of updating the infrastructure at the airport, but it offered a great way to enjoy a beautiful day.

A Gulfstream G200 taxiing out for departure on Taxiway Alpha during our survey walk.

A Gulfstream G200 (formerly known as an IAI Galaxy) taxiing out for departure on Taxiway Alpha during our survey walk.


Anyone who loves aviation can see why spending a few hours walking around an airfield can be so much fun! Whether it means watching a student pilot plop their Cessna Skyhawk onto the runway or getting to see a Gulfstream G550 rocket into the sky, it’s always fun to walk the airfield.

G550 taxiing

A much larger, Gulfstream G550 taxied by shortly after the G200, very cool to be so close to such an impressive aircraft!


Not long after it taxied by the G550 took to the skies and it was a great experience for those of us walking the airfield that day. Here’s a video taken from a front row seat to a Gulfstream G550 takeoff at EWB last week. …Best seat in the house, besides maybe the pilot seat of the G550, of course!

There are a lot more career opportunities in aviation besides just being a pilot… Airfield management is just one of a number we will introduce here on ReviewBeforeFlight!

-Fly Safe, @MTElia1B9


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