The Lift Flight Bag By Flight Outfitters Explored

Still looking for a Christmas present for that special pilot? The Flight Outfitters Lift bag, available from Sporty’s will fit your last minute gift ideas! Over the years, I think I have tried about a dozen flight bags. My wife … Continue reading

4 GREAT Gift Ideas for Your Pilot

Do you have a pilot in the family? Maybe a special someone who is a high flier? Or is your Secret Santa recipient an aviator? Maybe you’re a pilot who needs a good way to show someone what you want for … Continue reading

The Art of the (Aeronautical) Chart… What you see versus reality!

Let me start this installment with a statement, which may on its surface seem like “fighting words”… Knowing the meaning of each and every symbol on aeronautical charts doesn’t make you a good pilot, or even a smart pilot… Now … Continue reading

Flight Bags from LightSpeed? …the BEST for ME!

Finding the perfect flight bag is like searching for Bigfoot… I’m not totally convinced it exists. Once I accepted this notion, I decided to try to find the BEST flight bag. This has proven to be a challenge in and … Continue reading

3 Things Every Pilot Needs to Know About… Buying a Headset

Pilots have a tendency to buy a lot of “flying gear”, a good deal of which they will never or will only rarely use… But then there are a few items that pilots buy and use constantly… I’ve said it before … Continue reading

Welcome to Winter Flying! Are YOU Ready?

Winter flying means it’s cold outside and that means our airplanes WANT to perform better for us! Yet, sometimes people struggle to see the forest through the trees… Similarly, pilots (student and certificated) sometimes miss the obvious! Today is the first … Continue reading

Flying with the iPad, or Another Tablet!

The iPad burst onto the scene years ago as a game changer and a true disruptive technology. It’s easy to see that people have changed the way they live their lives around the tablet technology. The time was right and … Continue reading