Flying North!


The Cape Cod canal, from a Cessna 172!

It is with great excitement that I share some personal news, I have accepted a new position with the Barnstable Municipal Airport on Cape Cod. I will be joining the team there as the new Assistant Airport Manager in early June. This change means a couple of things, first and foremost a big move North from Florida where I’ve resided for the past two and a half years.


A picture I took of the Barnstable Municipal Airport some years ago on a flight over Cape Code!

For the past two and half plus years I have had the honor of being the first-ever Aviation Manager for America’s Seaplane City, Tavares, Florida. This experience has been exciting, challenging and fun. During this time I’ve had the opportunity to work with and get to know a lot of great people, as we’ve managed to accomplish a great deal. It’s been a rewarding experience working on the development of the SEAPLANE-A-PALOOZA event and the “re-imagination” of the Prop Shop seaplane base retail store, just to name a few of our successes. Not to mention tackling the challenge of cleaning the place up after the seaplane base and marina was destroyed by Hurricane Irma last year and returning the facility to service with a variety of temporary facilities. I am truly proud of what we have accomplished during my time in Tavares and now I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life.

Photo Apr 01, 12 13 07 PM

Emily snapped this picture of me observing the wide variety of aircraft during SEAPLANE-A-PALOOZA 2017. I remember thinking, “Wow, this is incredible” when this picture was taken, the event was so much bigger and better than I had even imagined!

As summer approaches the move comes at a convenient time, leaving Florida before the sweltering heat, delivering Emily and me to Cape Cod just in time for the beautiful summer ahead. I’m looking forward to getting back to Massachusetts after a few years away, it’ll be great to get involved in the aviation community up there again, and hopefully I’ll be able to do more flying than I have in the past couple of years!

The Barnstable Municipal Airport (KHYA) has accomplished a lot over the previous years and has a great future. I’m extremely excited about the opportunity to be a part of that future of the Barnstable Municipal Airport.

-Fly Safe, @MTElia1B9


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