I gave the MyGoFlight a go!

A pilot’s flight bag needs to fit their mission, it’s one of the most important pieces of any pilot’s aviation equipment. The cost of even a pricey flight bag can be easily justified if you consider just how much use you’ll get from the bag over time. A flight bag is constantly in use, always holding valued aviation possessions and equipment, both between flights and even during flights. The MyGoFlight brand burst onto the scene many years ago and has become known for high quality products over the years since.

Photo Dec 16, 12 40 29 PM

Over the past two years at virtually every aviation event I have attended and in every pilot shop I have visited, I have found the MyGoFlight options and spent a lot of time reviewing the variety. Finally during a visit to the Banyan Pilot Shop at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (KFXE) during the summer of 2017 I made the purchase. Eventually I switched my flying equipment. My previous flight bag was a well-used but still in very good condition Lightspeed Antione. It was very similar to the currently available Lightspeed Markham, except the flight bag was not 100% leather, instead leather accents highlighted the flight bag. You can read my review of the Antione HERE.

Back to my new flight bag, I selected the MyGoFlight PLC Lite, the smallest of their three (3) presently available flight bags. Even being the smallest of the lineup, the bag will still fit my Lightspeed Zulu headset, iPad mini and 13″ MacBook Air laptop plus all of my usual flight equipment.

The design of the bag is sleek and sharp. A chart pocket is perfect for sectionals and an iPad with easy access. The main pocket provides the laptop sleeve, two zip pockets on the inside, perfect for spare batteries and other items, I have an adapter to plug my headset into a handheld radio in the other. In the main pocket my iCom and Zulu headset fit perfectly, with plenty of room for the coiled cord.

The front pocket has a variety of sleeves and pockets, perfect for pens, stylus, business cards, flashlight, etc… The bag can hold everything I can think of and it has a great look. The bag sits firmly in an aircraft seat and due to a stable design, the bag doesn’t slide, shift or fall over during flight.

I recommend the MyGoFlight bags, they offer a professional, high quality look and great versatility.

-Fly Safe, @MTElia1B9


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