A Feel Good Aviation Story

Earlier today, around lunchtime, my fiancée Emily and I stood on our porch and watched four F-15s from the Massachusetts Air Guard 104th Fighter Wing scream by. They were a little ways off, but it was still just like our own personal air show we could watch from home. Of course living less than a mile from the airport (where I also work) we get to see aircraft often, which for a couple of aviation enthusiasts is a great thing.

This fly over wasn’t an isolated incident for Cape Cod. This was one of many showings of solidarity across the country. If you recall, after 9/11 almost every home, business and building displayed an American flag. It was all of us together in something and it was a great showing of unity and the American spirit. In a similar recent showing of support military groups from across the country have been competing fly overs of various hospitals to show support for medical workers, first responders and everyone standing up in the effort against COVID-19.


The Massachusetts Air National Guard, 104th Fighter Wing joined in the fun today and made an epic set of fly overs as they crisscrossed the state of Massachusetts. Initially the route didn’t include Cape Cod, but yesterday the route was modified and the list of fly over sites was significantly expanded. Check it out:


You might have seen other fly overs in metro areas across the country. Most notably the US Navy Blue Angels and the US Air Force Thunderbirds teamed up to do a joint fly over of a number of destinations recently.

A simple military fly over might happen fast but it’s a much needed feel good story in a time when we need more feel good stories. It’s all the more impressive that aviation can be utilized in such a positive way!

-Fly Safe, @MTElia1B9


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