Airplanes – Definitely Worth Seeing!

Airplanes: A World in Flight peels back the stressful facade that customs, TSA and small seats have given to airline travel. Director Brian Terwilliger through narrator, Harrison Ford allow viewers to look beyond these “painful” layers of air travel to see the true romanticism of aviation. The film shows how amazing people and goods traveling hundreds of miles an hour through the air truly is! Even if it is taken for granted by so many, so often…


Airplanes: A World in Flight, with scenes filmed on all 7 continents!


You may remember Brian’s first aviation film, One Six Right, a look into the history of aviation through the filter of Van Nuys Airport in California. Even for someone who has never flown into KVNY; One Six Right was especially powerful for me and always worth the watch even if I have seen it over and over again! It’s one of the movies that I can watch any day, any time…

In his latest aviation movie Terwilliger shows how aviation has advanced the human race in a profound way. Humans have been around for thousands of years, yet for most of that time, travel was slow and very limited. The airplane was the first invention that allowed mankind to journey in a variety of ways, over a variety of terrain, water, glaciers, etc… Illustrating the true impact of aviation on the world, the movie shows scenes from every continent! Though the movie is about aviation, the film goes well beyond flying to show the full breadth of impacts that aviation has, in addition to a history of how we came to be where we are now. All of this, in a time where airplanes have connected us to all “corners” of the planet Earth!

I will say that the movie was not at all what I was expecting, it was much better and a great tale on the importance of aviation. Brought to us by National Geographic, the movie was offered for an advanced screening at the Boston Museum of Science last night before it opens on April 17th. Seeing the film in IMAX, makes it all the more powerful!

This novice film critic gives Airplanes: A World in Flight, 2 thumbs (way) up and a big recommendation! Definitely go see it, it will likely change the way you look at the everyday items that surround you! Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t note how spot on the music was for this film. The scores throughout the film were fantastic and the ending was especially moving. No spoiler here, just commentary on how well the movie was put together.

-Fly Safe (& enjoy the movie!), @MTElia1B9


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