Flying for Food: AK Diamonds @ KACK

Once again, the month flew by (no pun intended), and I was up in the air on where to go (again, no pun intended). I originally was planning on a trip up to Keene, NH, but decided that I wanted to head to the islands before they are covered in snow for the season.


Every now and then you capture a really, truly awesome picture while flying… That happened on the way to Nantucket!

I thought AK Diamonds on Nantucket would be a great choice on an unseasonably nice day in December. Though very cold, the visibility was as far as the eye could see and very little wind to fight the trip. For a Tuesday, it was very busy at Mansfield Airport, which is fantastic for the general aviation community. It lead to a later departure for a later lunch.

departing 1b9

Departing 1B9 on the way to Nantucket is as easy as climbing straight out of the downwind leg for Runway 32 towards the Southeast!

This was Audra’s first flight back with me since she returned after 4 months from studying abroad in Spain. It was the perfect flight for getting her “wings” back.


Flying final for Runway 33, the crosswind runway at nantucket.

Winds favored our flight over the Nantucket, giving us a 20 knot tailwind at 4500. We approached the island from the West, and were directed to fly the southern coastline and enter a left base for RWY 33. KACK was busy with multiple Cape Air departures as well as Plane Sense flights coming and going. We were fit in between a departing and landing aircraft and quickly settled in, parking on the FBO ramp. A very friendly line worker greeted us after we shut down and chocked the aircraft. The landing fee inside was a very reasonable $5.00, and we headed out of the building. AK Diamonds is off airport property, but only ¼ of a mile walk down the airport road.


To AK Diamonds from the airport it is a right out of the airport parking lot and then to the four-way stop (where the vehicle is stopped in this image). AK Diamonds is the building directly across the street ahead with the lighter colored facade. The walk brings you through a very nicely-maintained park area.

AK Diamond is a very nice pub with indoor and outdoor seating. During the prime months of the year, it is incredibly busy with tourists and locals alike. On this December day, it was only Audra, myself and a few locals around the bar. There was one man working both the bar and the seating, but I felt no sense of hurry or wait. He worked both very timely and we were brought drinks and orders taken within 10 minutes.

great atmosphere

AK Diamonds features a great atmosphere for patrons!

I ordered an incredible fried chicken sandwich with fries and Audra had a great steak and cheese sandwich. The options are endless with appetizers, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, fish and so much more. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very friendly and welcoming. The prime location offers great access to the town as well as the airport and its pilots/passengers.


Fried chicken sandwich with fries!


Now that’s a steak & cheese!

The flight back was fought by the same 20 knots, but on the nose. Although it was a little longer, the sunset was incredible over the water and the wind was directly down RWY 32 at 1B9…I greased the landing!


A beautiful sunset from high above Martha’s Vineyard!

AK Diamonds is open 11:30am to 9:30pm but may differ in the summer months. Visit their website at and check out the menu and their gallery. I recommend this to everyone on and off the island, as its diverse selection and perfectly cooked food would please anyone that visits.

-Fly Safe, MRoberts1B9

Editor’s Note 1: I recommend the steak tips at Ak Diamonds. ACK has been a summer-dinner fly out favorite of mine for many, many year nows! Editor’s Note 2: There is also the Crosswinds restaurant right in the terminal at ACK, also a good place to eat!


Nantucket’s terminal building is very “New England island” themed…


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