Flying for Food: Heidelberg Inn near KGFL

Located just about 5 nm to the southeast of beautiful Lake George, KGFL (Floyd Bennett Memorial aka Glens Falls) is a truly picturesque locale to visit any time of the year. Ray and I decided to celebrate the 114th anniversary of manned, controlled, powered, heavier-than-air flight with a trip north up the Hudson for lunch. A chilly 17 DEC afternoon, we were lucky to have some great help from the crew of Take Flight Aviation getting our rented Diamond DA-40 out onto the snowy ramp.


We departed KMGJ around 1100 and flew north between I-87 and the Hudson River at 5,500′. This route gave us some wonderful views of the Catskills and lakes along the way.


My husband was able to get some great pictures of ice fracture patterns during the just over one hour flight.


After crossing over the Albany Class C, just north of Saratoga Lake, we started our descent into Glens Falls. The preferred no wind runway is 01, and the day’s light and variable winds put us squarely in the no wind category. I had contacted the FBO, Rich Air, earlier in the day and was told to park at the base of the tower (it is and always has been an uncontrolled airport, but in the heady decade of the 60s, a tower had been built with high hopes…) Glens Falls has a restaurant on the field, The Aviator Restaurant, but it is closed on Sundays, so we decided to try out Heidelberg Inn, only a few miles away. The gentlemen working at Rich Air that day were extremely helpful; when Uber failed to respond (which they said was extremely unusual), they called us a taxi. Cab fare to the Heidelberg Inn was about $12.


Ray enjoyed a tall German beer, while I had a Diet Coke! The menu ranged from traditional German fare to classic bar food. Ray ordered the bratwurst and I got my all-time favorite schnitzel and spätzle. The food was excellent!


Heading back to KGFL, we were successful in getting an Uber for only $8 this time. Ray wanted to take some pictures of Lake George and Gore Mountain Ski Area. This resulted in a slightly longer flight back of about 1.5 hours. We requested flight following from Albany after our tour of Gore Mountain. As we flew south, we were handed off to Boston Center then New York Approach. Ray’s ski area photography may be unmatched, especially with a wonderful winter sunset to the west.


We definitely recommend Heidelberg Inn for a nice German lunch or dinner. Their web address is They are open Monday through Thursday, 1100-2100, and Friday through Sunday, 1100-2130. Wonderful excursion, even on a chilly winter day, especially if you are an avid ski bum (like us) and enjoy the added benefit of evaluating all the local ski areas from altitude!


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