Happy National Aviation Day!

Photo Apr 08, 11 03 15 AM (1)

In 1939 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt selected August 19th as National Aviation Day! The idea was to have a day dedicated to encouraging citizens to be involved with aviation activities. Maybe that meant an airplane ride, flight lesson, spending some time at the local airport, anything aviation-related was acceptable. Even sending something via air-mail, a big thing back in the late 1930’s, could fit the bill!

But why August 19th as National Aviation Day?

Everyone knows that December 17th was the day that the Wright brothers first successfully took to the skies for powered light in a heavier than air aircraft, so why not December 17th?

Well, August 19th also happens to be the birthday of Orville Wright, who was the first of the brothers to successfully takeoff, fly and land an airplane. Wilbur had the first try but it was, “less than desirable” so to say…

I hope you took some time today to do something aviation related in honor of National Aviation Day. Ideally you’d have been able to go flying, but even if you couldn’t get up in the air, I hope you at least spent some time looking up at the sky remembering your last flight and all of the fun it offered you.

Personally, I spent the day in America’s Seaplane City where I have the honor of being the Aviation Manager. It was, as usual, a fun day at work, highlighted by a Cessna Grand Caravan coming to visit.

First, my favorite aviation-related picture:

Photo Jul 04, 4 04 28 PM

Emily & me at the Tavares Seaplane Base on the 4th of July, with the Yellow Cub!

In honor of National Aviation Day 2016, here are a couple of my favorite aviation pictures that I’ve taken…


Each picture is special for its own reason. Whether is be from my time as a flight instructor, college professor, assistant airport manager or aviation manager – each represents a fun aviation time in my life! Who knew when I was 13 years old going to the airport with my dad for my first flight lesson that these years later I’d be an aviation professional working in the field of my dreams! To me, every day is aviation day!

-Fly Safe, @MTElia1B9


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