Spring is in the air, hopefully YOU are too!

Today, Friday, March 20th 2015 marks the beginning of Spring! It’s been a crazy winter in Massachusetts and many other places too. In a 41 day stretch, centered around the month of February, we got 91.5″ of snow at my home airport… Well more than enough. Boston, MA officially set the “snowiest” season record this year too. Clearly this winter has been an outlier of epic proportions… Personally I haven’t flown at all this year, and no one dislikes that more than I do!

The (slight-left) noise abatement turn after takeoff from Runway 32 @ 1B9 makes for a cool picture opportunity! (2/9)

Let’s leave the winter & snow behind!


But, it’s time to turn the page on this crazy winter! The saying goes, “Spring is in the air…” Well hopefully, Spring isn’t the only thing in the air. Are you ready to get up, go flying and join Spring in the air? I know I am, and I’m not just excited because I haven’t been up yet this year, but I’m excited because this winter is finally in the rearview mirror!


Maybe you’re looking for some cool views, what ever the reason is, now is the time to get excited about getting back up in the air!


So, let’s take this opportunity, to get motivated to go fly more this year! We’re all behind after this tough winter, but we can all get back on track by taking some extra flights. Instead of finding reasons not to fly, let’s look for reasons TO go flying!

Maybe there’s an airport you haven’t visited, or a rental aircraft available that you haven’t flown yet… Whatever the reason is, my whole mission with this post is to try and share some of the motivation I’m feeling to get up and go flying with everyone else!

Remember, if you haven’t flown in a while, it might be a good idea to find a flight instructor or a safety pilot!

-Fly Safe, @MTElia1B9


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