Flying for Food: Midfield Cafe @ KASH

I visit the Midfield Café at the Nashua, NH airport (KASH) often. The Midfield has many advantages that make it a top-notch restaurant, add the airport and views form the second floor location and you have a winner!


Photo credit to Peter for this sunrise shot of the Challenger just before we took off to head up to KASH on 4/12/14 for the New England Aviation Safety Expo & breakfast at the Midfield Cafe!

The Midfield Café is located on the second floor of the general aviation terminal or fixed base operation (FBO) – Nashua Jet Aviation building. With ample table and counter seating plus an outdoor area for the warmer months, the Midfield can accommodate a good number of diners. The restaurant’s name, Midfield Café is fitting as well. The second floor location over looks the ramp and Runway 14-32 at almost exactly mid-field of the 6,000 foot runway.

The Midfield Café is one of the few places I can say that I’ve NEVER had a bad meal. Whether I’m there before or after one of my Daniel Webster (DWC) classes, after the enjoyable 40-45 minute flight up from Mansfield or while I’m grading exams at the end of the DWC semester I have always enjoyed the atmosphere and food!

On Saturday, April 12th my friend Peter and I flew up from Mansfield for the New England Aviation Safety Expo at KASH & DWC. During a break in our seminar classes we walked over to the Midfield Café for a quick, albeit late breakfast around 11am. It is seat yourself upon arrival, so we selected a table overlooking the runway right next to the open door, leading to the deck offering the best view of the airport, aside from maybe the control tower.

midfield breakfast

Our AWESOME breakfast at the Midfield Cafe! I had already cut up my over-easy eggs…

It was a late breakfast and as a result of our seminar schedule I wasn’t sure we’d make it back for lunch before the café closed at 3pm. The first item on the menu, “The Midfield” was my choice. Eggs over easy, home fries, bacon, white toast (typically I go wheat), and two pieces of French toast! I knew that with that and an iced coffee I’d be good to go for most of the day. Peter ordered “The Midfield” as well with half bacon/half sausage and pancakes in place of the French toast… As you can see in the picture, the pancakes are monstrous and would have been a full meal on their own. Just ask my friend Peter, who wouldn’t even start the second pancake!

One thing that I believe requires specifically mentioning is the bacon. The bacon at the Midfield is real, thick-cut bacon, not the thin “wanna be” bacon that is becoming all to common place at breakfast eateries at airports and across downtowns all over the country.

The prices are very good across the breakfast and lunch menus, with breakfast served all day! Moreover, the service is ALWAYS excellent with enough staff on duty to cater to all of the patrons’ needs and they are always smiling- that usually says something about the organizational culture. Organizational culture in a café? That is probably what you’re thinking right now, and yes-just look at what makes Starbucks successful!

You can get updates from Midfield on Facebook, like their page and get information of the occasional specials in your timeline, which are often excellent reasons to get up and go flying to KASH…

-Fly Safe, @MTElia1B9


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