The #1 most important “Thing to Bring” when you go flying today!

Much of the country has seen snow recently and because of that, there is 1 extremely vital thing you need to bring with you when you go flying today! Here in Massachusetts we got anywhere from 4” of snow to more than 2 feet depending on the location, I know I was plowing some 11” of snow at my home airport yesterday.

With a solid ground coating of snow across much of the country, it is time for glare. Even though the amount of light is the same today as it was last Saturday, the snow-covered ground amplifies it quite a bit. Remember, if you’re going flying today, bring and wear some sunglasses!

Due to the snow reflecting light back up, acting as a natural mirror, flying today will seem quite a bit more bright than normal. Thus, flying without sunglasses may be more taxing on your eyes and could seem less enjoyable than usual. So for an enjoyable flight with friends or a productive flight lesson, today or anytime there is a snow cover, remember to bring those sunglasses!

-Fly Safe, @MTElia1B9

PS – If you take a “flying selfie” or a picture with your co-pilot, make sure you set it up to get a cool reflection on your sunglasses…

Flying solo on 4/2 to celebrate a decade since my first solo!

Flying solo last year to celebrate the anniversary of my first solo, I was able to get a really cool reflection on my shades!


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