ReviewBeforeFlight Cup

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The 2015 ReviewBeforeFlight Cup!

During 2014 & 2015, ReviewBeforeFlight proudly sponsored the Region VII Team Sportsmanship Award. The ReviewBeforeFlight Cup was presented annually at the Region VII SAFECON in October.


2015 – Dowling College

2014 – Bridgewater State University


Criteria & Selection Process:

The award is presented to the team that best exhibits what NIFA is all about: safety, education, passion for aviation, sportsmanship and commitment. The Award is designed to recognize the team that, regardless of its own performance, best demonstrates cohesion and cooperation within its own ranks and at the same time shows a respect for its opponents and NIFA volunteers. The Award recognizes the team with the best NIFA culture – the team that buys into being a team and working together the best,

Scoring for the Award includes input from both the contestants and judges. Each team is required to submit, by the end of the competition events on the final day of the event, a nomination of one team that they feel best exhibits the spirit of NIFA. The nominations are submitted via email to ReviewBeforeFlight and typically include an explanation of why the nominated team deserves the honor and citing, with examples when possible, what they did to earn the honor. Teams may nominate themselves. Judges also provide input based on their daily observations of the performance of each team throughout the event. Ultimately, the selection will be based on a combination of the input from all the teams and judges.

The winning team is then presented the ReviewBeforeFlight Cup, a trophy donated and provided by ReviewBeforeFlight at the end-of-event award ceremony. ReviewBeforeFlight reserves the right to publish portions/all of the nominations (edited for grammar, when necessary) as well as pictures from the event and award ceremony.