March 2017

Some pictures I took during March 2017…

Some great shots I got of the Jones Brothers’ Piper Cub club seaplane! In one of the pictures you can see some rubber ducks with their parachutes for the “Duck Drop” as part of the 2017 Lake County Schools Rubber Duck Races! A very cool way to kick off an event!

Photo Mar 25, 1 03 19 PM

Woody car complete with surfboard strapped to the top! (3/25)

Photo Mar 25, 1 05 27 PM

Yellow amphicar on the apron at the Tavares Seaplane Base during the 2017 Sunnyland Antique Boat Festival! (3/25)

Photo Mar 25, 1 10 28 PM

It’s not often I see an airplane that I can’t name, but this was one of those times… (3/25)

Photo Mar 25, 1 33 36 PM

Classic antique wood boats! (3/25)