July 2015

Some pictures I took during July 2015…

Still trying to get good at this picture taking thing…


A Gulfstream III taxiing out after the thunderstorms cleared at EWB. My camera lens fogged up a bit for this cool affect on the image! (7/1)


A Cessna Citation Excel landing on Runway 23 at EWB. (7/1)


Final for Runway 23 at EWB. (7/3)

Some heavy metal

Some heavy metal on the ramp at EWB. (7/3)


The first ship to use the new marine terminal recently constructed in the New Bedford harbor. (7/7)

A Cessna Citation X

A Cessna Citation X taking off from Runway 23 at EWB. (7/8)


This picture is a tale of two tails… (7/14)


A Gulfstream V departing Runway 14 at EWB towards some overcast skies… (7/14)

Ocean Sentry

An HC-144A Ocean Sentry doing a touch-and-go at EWB! (7/16)


One of only 18 HC-144A aircraft in the US Coast Guard fleet dropped by to visit, the aircraft is based at the former Otis Air Guard Base on Cape Cod. (7/16)


My friend Dan flying a PC-12, taking off from Runway 14 at EWB. (7/17)

3 tails

Quite the line up on the terminal ramp today! (7/21)

Army heli 7/22

A U.S. Army Eurocopter Lakota helicopter! (7/22)


Busy day for helicopters today… Now the Coast Guard is getting in on the action! This time an HH-60 Jayhawk! (7/22)

CL-30 7/24

A Challenger CL-30 on short final for Runway 5 at EWB! (7/24)



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