January 2015

Some pictures I took during January 2015…

Still trying to get good at this picture taking thing…

Bella 1/7

Bella by the door. (1/7)

Cape Air rolling out

Cape Air flight rolling out on Runway 32 at EWB. (1/10)

v tail

A V-Tail Beechcraft Bonanza taking off at EWB. (1/10)

truck 1/11

My new (slightly dirty)Ford F-150 pickup truck with the UMass Dartmouth wind turbine in the background. (1/11)

Charlton College

The Charlton College of Business, soon due for expansion! (1/11)

foot prints

Foot prints in the dusting of snow by the UMass Dartmouth library. (1/11)


The amphitheater at UMass Dartmouth. (1/11)


Harkness Tower on the campus of Yale University in New Haven, CT. Had to get up early in the morning before my software training session to get these pictures. Well worth the single-digit temperatures! The tower is of a collegiate-gothic architecture style.  (1/13)


The clock face on Harkness Tower. (1/13)


Sunrise on the bricks of Yale. (1/13)

classic look

A classic look on Elm Street in downtown New Haven, CT. A very nice city! (1/13)

Mt. Hope Bridge

The Mt. Hope Bridge, from a quaint little spot where a ferry used to run in Portsmouth, RI, looking toward Bristol, RI. (1/19)


A really cool Coast Guard helicopter stopped by EWB today! (1/23)


A Cessna Citation, with a really cool paint scheme, taking off from Runway 23 at EWB, the newest runway in the state! (1/23)

Snow plow

Great color in this picture of a snow plow truck at the approach end of Runway 5. (1/28)


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