December 2017

Some pictures I took during December 2017…

Photo Dec 27, 12 52 53 PM

The granite portico around Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, MA to commemorate where the Pilgrims made their final landfall in 1620. Plymouth Rock is visible under the portico, behind the steel bars to the left. (12/27)

Photo Dec 27, 12 47 40 PM

Plymouth Rock, engraved with 1620, the year the Pilgrims arrived in Plymouth Harbor. The rock was split in two in 1775 when it was being raised from its bed. The left portion was placed at Town Square and later the front lawn of Pilgrim Hall. In 1880 the portion of the rock that was moved about town was returned and cemented back to the remaining section. (12/27)

Photo Dec 27, 1 00 22 PM

A Massachusetts-style lobster pot Christmas tree with Plymouth Harbor in the background. (12/27)