December 2014

Some pictures I took during December 2014…

Nothing great, I’m still learning how to best use my camera with it’s (seemingly) hundreds of options!

climbing out

A Lear 55 corporate jet aircraft climbing out to the West after taking off on Runway 32 at EWB. (12/26)

Cape Air

A Cape Air Cessna 402 on short, short final for Runway 32 at EWB. (12/26)


A look of the brand new Runway 23 at EWB from the approach lights! (12/26)


A sunset reflection on the control tower at EWB. (12/26)


Mt. Monadnock on the way from Mansfield, MA to Keene, NH. (12/27)

closer look

A closer look at the summit of Monadnock. (12/27)

Runway 2

Runway 2 at the Keene, NH airport. (12/27)


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