April 2015

Some pictures I took during April 2015…

Still trying to get good at this picture taking thing…

Falcon 50

A Falcon 50 departing from Runway 23 at EWB. (4/2)

Whites Mill

The abandon Whites Mill location in Acushnet, MA. Very cool place to look around… (4/4)


A Cessna Citation Sovereign rolling out after touchdown on Runway 5 at EWB in some light rain. Not to mention the snazzy paint scheme! (4/7)

Battleship Cove

A look at Battleship Cove nestled under the Braga Bridge. The cove, park and museum are truly an under-appreciated gem of the south coast & all of Massachusetts! (4/11)


The USS Massachusetts. (4/11)

Orange County Airport (MGJ)

Orange County Airport (MGJ), a great general aviation facility! (4/17)


A  Lear Jet touching down on Runway 24 at Dutchess County Airport (POU). (4/17)

Lear Jet departing

A Lear Jet departing from Runway 24 at POU. (4/17)


How to win at a short field landing competition… Full stall configuration right at the line! Great showing today at the Inter-Service Flying Competition 2015! (4/17)


A Beech C-99 Commuter departing Runway 24 at POU. (4/18)


Another airport explored with the F-150. (4/18)


A Boeing Kaydet (commonly mis-refered to as a Stearman) taxiing out for takeoff. (4/18)


One of our competition judges in his Kaydet climbing out after takeoff from POU to head back to PA after our flying events concluded for the day. (4/18)


The lowering of the flag on campus at West Point. (4/19)

Washington Hall

The main entrance to Washington Hall at West Point. (4/19)


The 5-star General Douglas MacArthur monument at West Point. (4/19)


The General George Washington statue ahead of the hall with his name. (4/19)

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