2016 Flying Highlight Pictures

MTElia’s 2016 highlight pictures!

Photo Jun 04, 11 51 32 AM (1)

I snapped this picture of the Tavares Seaplane Base (FA1) from 1500′, the Cub water taxiing is the best part! (6/4)


Completed an over due flight review for myself in this beautiful Cessna 172S! (9/16)

Photo Oct 08, 7 24 04 PM

Sunset on Lake Dora and the Tavares Seaplane Base – FA1. (10/8)

Photo Oct 12, 10 27 32 AM

The first Icon A5 to visit the Tavares Seaplane Base – FA1. (10/12)

Photo Oct 29, 8 49 05 AM

A seaplane pumpkin from the Seaplane Pilots Association at the 2016 Monster Splash Fly-In! (10/26)

Photo Oct 29, 11 25 53 AM

Aviation Manager & Air Boss (when necessary,,.) (10/26)

Photo Nov 17, 9 45 44 AM

With author Eric H. Heisner and the coloring book companion to his upcoming novel, “Wings of the Pirate”. (11/17)

Photo Nov 22, 2 23 33 PM

Checking out the Quest Kodiak on floats with Emily at FXE. (11/22)


Peter finishing the turn to downwind for Runway 15 at Plymouth Municipal Airport, Massachusetts. (12/26)


Peter and I in the Cherokee. (12/26)


Circling (at a safe altitude) above my parents’ house, second from the left off the wing tip!(12/26)


The new airport terminal/administration building at the Mansfield Municipal Airport (1B9) is really nice, but seems a bit out of place at the neighborhood airport. (12/27)


Three Pipers ready for a breakfast flight from Massachusetts to Maine! (12/28)


I may be a Florida resident now, but there’s nothing like an ice coffee at altitude on a 20-degree day. (12/28)


Aerial invasion of the Sanford Seacoast Regional Airport in Maine. (12/28)


Breakfast at the Cockpit Cafe with (L-R): Jim, Mitch, Tom, Kelly, me & Peter. (12/28)


A little more white in that beard of mine… (12/28)


Quite the wing view… (12/28)


Happy 3rd birthday to ReviewBeforeFlight! (12/30)