The Art of the (Aeronautical) Chart… What you see versus reality!

Let me start this installment with a statement, which may on its surface seem like “fighting words”… Knowing the meaning of each and every symbol on aeronautical charts doesn’t make you a good pilot, or even a smart pilot… Now … Continue reading

Getting to Know Josh O’Donnell, New York Center Air Traffic Controller

From time to time I like to use ReviewBeforeFlight to mention great people and share their stories… In this edition of “Let’s Get to Know…” we meet Josh O’Donnell. Josh has a very interesting story intertwined in aviation, and now … Continue reading

Volunteering as a Flight Competition Judge

It’s that time of the year again… The air is becoming crisp at night and the mornings are a little cooler. This means many things to many people. Football season is upon us (Go Pats, Roll Tide!), the baseball playoffs are coming… … Continue reading

3 Things Every Pilot Needs to Know About… The 1st Preflight Inspection After Maintenance

Timely and appropriate maintenance is the most critical component of aircraft operation aside from safe flying… With maintenance comes someone other than a pilot (no disrespect to mechanics) handling, altering and working on aircraft.  As I said, this is an absolute … Continue reading

Even on Vacation, an AvGeek is an AvGeek!

California offers a great variety of attractions for General Aviation pilots… While I was on a “road trip” vacation, and not doing any flying, I couldn’t help but let the aviation geek in me have a little fun and dictate … Continue reading