How to: Mitigate Risk and Increase the Safety of YOUR Flying!

Risk mitigation and safety management systems are nice little “buzz” phrases I hear a lot in aviation these days. Many organizations and individual pilots are doing it right, but many are not, and that is a problem that needs to … Continue reading

Trouble Starting & Aero-Hitch Hiking!

Let me start this off by saying, owning a plane is great! Like a pet, it is always at the ready to take a trip, have an adventure or just get some attention with a quick wash. It helps make … Continue reading

3 Things Every Pilot Needs to Know About… Switching to a Glass Cockpit!

One of the really cool things that’s happened during the years I’ve been flying is the rapidly changing and constantly developing technology used in the cockpit. Whether that means big, moving-map GPS systems, glass panels or even the fact that … Continue reading