That’s 1 Year in the Logbook for ReviewBeforeFlight and We’re Cleared for Higher!

On December 30th, 2014 I launched MTElia’s Flying Blog, today we celebrate the first birthday of ReviewBeforeFlight!   The first thing I want to say is thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read any of our content over … Continue reading

Welcome to Winter Flying! Are YOU Ready?

Winter flying means it’s cold outside and that means our airplanes WANT to perform better for us! Yet, sometimes people struggle to see the forest through the trees… Similarly, pilots (student and certificated) sometimes miss the obvious! Today is the first … Continue reading

Flying with the iPad, or Another Tablet!

The iPad burst onto the scene years ago as a game changer and a true disruptive technology. It’s easy to see that people have changed the way they live their lives around the tablet technology. The time was right and … Continue reading

Becoming a Flight Instructor: Learning to Teach

Learning to become a flight instructor is about a lot more than flying and aeronautical knowledge… Getting up and taking command of a large group of people can definitely be scary to someone who has never done it before, or … Continue reading

3 Things Every Pilot Needs to Know About… Effective Preflight Passenger Briefings

One of the great benefits of having a pilot’s license is the ability to take friends and family members for airplane rides! But there are a couple of things that a prudent pilot will cover with them before even starting … Continue reading

The Airlines are Calling, it’s for YOU!

Being a pilot is cool; being an airline pilot is even “cooler”. Have you ever thought about being a career pilot? Well, now is the right time to get into aviation… It’s a very exciting time to be involved with … Continue reading