Flying for Food: Aero Diner @ KIJD

  What a quick month November was! Between my travels to visit Audra in Spain and the holiday season starting, I had very little time up to this week/weekend to fly for a good meal. The week of Thanksgiving was … Continue reading

Walking the Airfield, G550 Takeoff!

Being a member of the airport administration means that your day-to-day work is extremely varied, which is one of the great things about my day job as the assistant airport manager at New Bedford Regional Airport. On any given day … Continue reading

The Easy Way Back Into Night Flying!

When it comes to learning night flying and particularly the landings or even getting back into night flying after not doing any flying in the dark for quite some time, I recommend a gradual approach. Rather than simply going up … Continue reading

3 Things Every (Student) Pilot Needs to Know About… Selecting a Flight Instructor

Training with the right flight instructor makes all the difference when it comes to flight training success. Any flight training, initial or advanced is an investment of your time and recourses. Before embarking on that journey it is important to … Continue reading

…and the Winner is…

If you followed the (semi-)live blog of the 2014 National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) Region VII SAFECON during the last weekend of October then you know that Bridgewater State University won the first ReviewBeforeFlight Team Sportsmanship Award… Here’s how they did … Continue reading

A Unique Opportunity Seized…

Regular ReviewBeforeFlight readers will remember Billy Smith, an occasional contributor to the website, his last piece was about the lessons learned from a time-building cross country flight…   Recently, Billy a student at Bridgewater State University, received some very exciting … Continue reading