2014 Flying Highlight Pictures

MTElia’s 2014 highlight pictures!

The first sunrise of 2014 from 2500' over Plymouth Harbor (1/1).

The first sunrise of 2014 from 2500′ over Plymouth Harbor, definitely worth the 520am wake up. (1/1)

Snowy 1B9

Snowy 1B9! (1/5)

The (slight-left) noise abatement turn after takeoff from Runway 32 @ 1B9 makes for a cool picture opportunity! (2/9)

The (slight-left) noise abatement turn after takeoff from Runway 32 @ 1B9 makes for a cool picture opportunity! (2/9)

Student soloing

Even when it is 18 degrees outside, it is still fun to stand at the edge of the taxiway and watch a student fly solo! (2/12)

PAPI at night

Snapped this cool shot of the Runway 32 PAPI in the snow while snow plowing at 1B9. (2/13)

Elizabeth Islands

The Elizabeth Islands laying between Buzzards Bay and the Vineyard Sound. Flying to Martha’s Vineyard for lunch with fellow flight instructor, Jim Quinn in his Archer. (2/22)

Red Bull

Broke out my Flying Bulls hat today in honor of the return of the Red Bull Air Races! (3/1)

Airport Hawk

The Airport Hawk was enforcing the noise abatement procedures at the Mansfield Airport today! (3/2)

Clouds & sun

Every now and then you look over your shoulder and say, “Wow, that’s amazing!” (3/19)


The runway project at the Marshfield, MA Airport (KGHG) is moving along quickly! (3/19)

Final 14

Final for Runway 14 at my favorite (home) airport, 1B9! (3/19)

happy birthday

Went for a flight on my birthday and wanted to say thank you for all the birthday wishes I received this year. (4/2)

Striping the runway

Striping the runway at KPOU for the military academy flight competition. (4/5)


Judging the “short field/power on” landing competition on Runway 24 at KPOU with Sean (green/yellow). (4/6)

G550 @ KPOU

Great view of a G550 landing @ KPOU right after our landing competitions finished! (4/6)


The West Point & Annapolis flight teams gave me some of their team patches as a thank you. Very cool! (4/6)

Packed ramp at KASH

Packed ramp at KASH for the New England Aviation Safety Expo, great turn out! (4/12)

Metal detector

Using a metal detector to locate buried taxiway light bases after a long winter of plowing at 1B9. (4/16)

rolling the grass

A sure sign that summer is right around the corner, spent the afternoon rolling the Grass Runway 4-22 at 1B9. (4/25)


The weekend of April 26/27 the blog was read/viewed on 6 different continents around the globe! (4/28)

cloud clearances

Teaching cloud clearances to one of my Private Pilot students, we were in Class E airspace, at least 2000′ horizontally away from the growing cumulo-bumpy! (4/28)

grass is open

The Grass Runway 4-22 at 1B9 is open for the season! (4/28)

runway closed

Passing overhead the Taunton, MA airport (KTAN) during a flight lesson and I noticed that the Paved Runway 12/30 was closed – MassDOT state-wide crack sealing project was in progress at the time! (4/28)

new charts

New charts current on 5/1 are in, so that means it’s time to do the “Matt-fold” with the Boston TAC, making it easy to have only the area of the chart needed open. (4/30)

new name

On May 2nd the new name was introduced, ReviewBeforeFlight.com! (5/2)

aopa live

Did you check out the AOPA Live edition for the week of Friday 5/9? If you did you’ll see my name around the 2:33 (or so…) mark! (5/9)

promo gear

The first batch of ReviewBeforeFlight.com promo materials arrived at 1B9 today! (5/9)

random grass strip

One of the “cool” things about flight instructing over southeastern Massachusetts is the abundance of random grass strips that seem to appear and disappear over time. I’ve seen this one many times but usually only find it by accident never really by specifically searching for it… (5/14)

cloud reflections

Always looking for fun cloud reflections on the wings! (5/18)

departing 1B9 (5/26)

Been trying (occasionally) for years to get tis type of “departing” picture from 1B9 and finally got a decent one! (5/26)

Rouge cloud over Mansfield (5/26)

Single rouge cloud over downtown Mansfield. (5/26)

set of AA (5/27)

Final recording of Aviation Adventures in the studio! (5/27)


Bella on a Cherokee wing during the photo shoot for the “Opportunities” post! (5/29)

1B9 (5/30)

Great (unplanned) shot of 1B9 from 2,000′, taken with an iPhone. I was circling over my friend’s store and then realized I could get an awesome shot of my favorite airport! (5/30)

last landing

My final landing as an active flight instructor with KING Aviation-Mansfield. A soft field technique on Runway 04, “The Grass” at 1B9. (6/1)


Stopped by my NEW office at KEWB to pick up my new hire paperwork, very excited about getting started! (6/6)


A quick shot of the freshly opened Runway 6/24 at the Marshfield, MA (KGHG) airport. Taken during my own flight review! (6/22)


The reconstruction of Runway 5/23 at new home airport, KEWB, is coming along nicely! (7/10)


The reconstruction of Runway 5/23 project is coming along nicely as of my breakfast flight this morning from EWB up to PYM! (8/6)


A beautiful sunrise with the clouds on the way to breakfast at KFIT. (9/20)

plane and building

How “cool” is that FBO building? To me it looks like an old-fashion, community airport FBO… I’m a huge fan! (9/20)

almost done

After a fun flight over to KMVY for breakfast, got some cool shots of Runway 5/23 at EWB, it’s almost ready for action! (10/12)

Martha’s Vineyard to New Bedford… Flying > Ferry! (10/12)

Magellan Jets

Innovative teaching broke out during my training with Magellan Jets Flight Support Department. ‘Jet Spoon One’ & Cap’n Crunch illustrated some aviation weather examples; I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked! (10/15)

fly by

Cape Air Owner/Founder Dan Wolf providing the first departure following the ceremonial ribbon cutting for Runway 5/23 at EWB. (10/17)


A NIFA landing! Just a little further… Good technique too!Nose high, tail low, but NOT too low! (10/25)


Speaking at the SAFECON Awards Ceremony shortly before presenting the ReviewBeforeFlight Team Sportsmanship Award. (10/27)

Matt's Rock

Found what would become Matthew’s Rock in a wetland mitigation site at the approach end of Runway 5 at EWB. (11/21)


Received my AOPA Premier membership pin! (11/25)


Funny how we see the ground, sky & clouds everyday, yet adding the same Earth we walk on each day to what we’re taking a picture of makes it so much more “cool”… (11/29)

cool view

Visited the tower at Boston Logan Airport (KBOS). This is a view from the 16th floor, the Massport Communication Center for International Gates / FOD Control / Security. (12/5)

The closing

Filming the closing for “Santa Claus is Coming to EWB,” my first show with New Bedford Cable Access. (12/15)


Providing some flight instruction for the Massachusetts Acting Secretary of Transportation, Frank DePaola in the Bridgewater State University simulator! (12/18)

new look

Today we unveiled our new look logo! We’re very excited and a special thank you goes out to Courtney Osier for her help with making this clean & simple look a reality! (12/20)

short final

I captured my final flight of 2014 on short final for Runway 32 @ 1B9, returning after a great flight & breakfast up at KEEN (Keene, NH). (12/27)



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